Our Story

A letter from Directress and Head Teacher, Judy Bullock

When my family moved to Seattle in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, I was lucky to find a small group of concerned Mercer Island parents that were looking for a Montessori Head Teacher to lead a small pandemic pod for the upcoming school year. I had the experience, materials and furniture; they had the classroom space. In the summer of 2020, Fishhawk Montessori was formed. Due to the strong relationships created during that challenging year, we decided that Fishhawk Montessori should became a permanent Montessori Primary school on Mercer Island.

Due to my husband’s service in the US Army, I have taught for 12 years at various sized Montessori schools across the country. I soon recognized the benefits of teaching children in a smaller, more nurturing environment. The home-based environment helps to put young children at ease in a familiar setting, and with a smaller class size, each student receives more one-on-one attention.

I would love to give you a tour of our cozy classroom! Fostering a love of learning in each student influences my every thought and action at FishHawk Montessori. The small class size allows me the opportunity to get to know each child and to focus on each ones’ individual needs and interests.

I am committed to creating a nurturing, safe, and supportive community school. The transition from home to school is made so much easier for the young child when the school environment looks similar to their own. It’s easier for both the parent and the child to begin preschool when their own home is just down the street.

The well-being of the young child is my top-priority. I do not offer full day care because I have observed that preschool children have difficulties concentrating for much longer than 3 hours. I do offer a lunch option, but I believe the best place for nap time is in the comfort of their own home. I hope we will meet soon for a tour of our home-based Montessori school.

The magic of the Montessori preschool is just around the corner!